Night Out with "The Girls"

What Is Night Out with “The Girls?”

Night Out with “The Girls” is a unique virtual wellness event that meets women right where they tend to be most comfortable – with their colleagues and friends, having fun, in a relaxed environment… where awkward questions about early breast cancer detection (the ones that most women want to ask) are embraced, encouraged and celebrated!

All Night Out with “The Girls” experiences include a healthcare provider and a breast cancer survivor. This allows participants to be educated about early breast cancer detection, and how to be breast health aware, from both the clinical and the experiential perspectives.

Our event is primarily delivered virtually during the work day or after hours. We provide the potentially life-saving tools and information in a way that exudes comfort, connection and conversation for all who attend.

“I am so glad I participated in the NOWTG event! I feel empowered and more educated on how to self care when it comes to my girls.”
Crystal H.

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Virtual Night Out with "The Girls"

Bring NOWTG to Your Workplace

Interested in having your company or organization take action when it comes to breast cancer? Bring NOWTG in to your workplace for an event to learn potentially life-saving information about early breast cancer detection and overall breast health.

It is a unique, disruptive and completely fun way to tackle something that affects, or will affect, 1 in 8 women in the United States.

“Our company hosted a virtual Night Out with “The Girls” event for the women. The NOWTG team who hosted our time together was kind, organized, engaging, and also fun. We had a great time together while also learning applicable information for taking charge of our own breast health. I left feeling empowered and informed. The entire event felt safe and comfortable and I will gladly recommend Night Out with “The Girls” to friends and family.”
Laura M.