2020 brought us many challenges and caused us to adapt to new ways of life. Businesses were forced to adapt to an alternate way of connecting with clients and colleagues and introduced a virtual workplace that many, prior to the pandemic, had not experienced before.

The adaptation to a virtual world has had its challenges but it has also introduced a new wave of opportunity for showing employees that they are valued. Opening the doors to a work-from-home lifestyle, the changes we have all incurred have given us time to re-evaluate the delicate balance needed to maintain an optimum work/life balance in this new world.

Now more than ever, there is a craving for wellness in all forms: physical, mental and emotional. It is the perfect time to evaluate the needs of employees and how we can best serve their wellness needs while still catering to a virtual workplace. There has been a tremendous shift in acknowledging the need for well-being. Employers must find creative ways to not only connect their employees but to inspire them to take their health seriously.

The good news is that there are many ways you can get creative and engage your employees in wellness. No matter your health and wellness initiative there is something you can do to encourage your employees to take action.

We have put together a list of some of the most impactful ways to provide wellness in a virtual workplace:

1. Care package: Good ol’ fashioned snail mail is something that excites people again. Break up the virtual fatigue by sending your employees a package with fun company swag such as t-shirts, lip balm, sunglasses, mousepads, etc. They will love the “extra effort” shown by delivering a tangible gift.

2. Online wellness class/program: There are hundreds of options for online yoga classes, meditation classes and stress management courses. An online wellness experience shows that you care about their wellness and encourages them to make effort towards better health

3. Movie night or Book Club: Hosting a movie streaming night or a virtual book club is an excellent way to encourage connection and conversation amongst employees. Host a virtual book club or Netflix virtual drive-in movie night.

4. Virtual Dinner: Host a virtual dinner for your employees. Support local business by ordering delivery and create an opportunity for employees to connect and conversate with one another.

5. Craft or Art Project: Inspire creativity through a craft or painting project. Send workers canvasses and supplies for a virtual group painting session or craft project. to inspire creativity.

Each one of these ideas helps promote connection, comfort and conversation. They encourage wellness practices and empower employees to be well. Providing activities, events and experiences that inspire wellness will show employees that they matter and are valued. If you are having trouble thinking of what types of events to bring to your virtual workspace, ask your employees what they care about most when it comes to health and wellness. They may have specific needs, causes or passions that they could learn more about while connecting with their co-workers.

For example, at Night Out with “The Girls”, we bring a virtual wellness experience specializing in early breast cancer detection and overall breast health education because 1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer. The likelihood of employees being affected by breast cancer either personally or relationally is extremely high, therefore we find that employees care about the topic and are excited to learn ways to be empowered to take their health into their own hands.

Learn more about how Night Out with “The Girls” (NOWTG) can be the wellness event to promote your new 2021 work environment. Night Out with “The Girls” delivers a wellness program about early breast cancer detection and overall breast health in a FUN and engaging way, even virtually!