Connection and wellness go hand-in-hand. Your organization most likely offers a variety of wellness programs from standard healthcare benefits to wellness apps or fitness programs. But have you stopped to ask the question…are our employees connected to these programs? This is an important question and there are two pieces to consider. The first, are your employees connected to the material and content being delivered. And secondly, are your employees connecting to one another during the program? 

Offering wellness benefits and programs is just the beginning of activating your workforce to be more healthful and mindful. The true power of wellness programs comes in the form of how your employees interact with the program and how it creates a deeper sense of community and connection between employees. 

The most fruitful types of wellness programs have opportunities for participants to engage with one another outside of the active work within the program. Below are examples of how to enhance your wellness program offerings and encourage a culture of connection within the workplace.


  1. Consider the need: With an abundance of wellness programs varying from mental health to physical fitness and everything in between, it is critical that you first discover what types of programs are important and meaningful to your workforce. For more tips on how to engage their input, visit our recent blog on creating a dynamic wellness program: 
  2. Create the environment: It can be very easy to simply offer a wellness program, have a meeting about it with your staff and then send them on their way to go through the program independently. We get it, there is a lot of work to be done! However, we encourage you to have an action plan to create an environment of open conversation and communication between employees to safely talk about their progress, any challenges they may be incurring and what they think about the program. 
  3. Lead the conversation: As a leader, it is crucial that you stay committed to encouraging conversation and checking in with your employees. You most likely do this on a scheduled basis such as a weekly staff meeting. To deepen the connection programs your employees are participating in, think about adding a check-in to your weekly agenda. You could even offer one-on-one conversations with each staff member specifically to allow a space to talk about their feelings and progress with the wellness program.  
  4. Empower leaders: Sometimes you just can’t add another thing to your plate. This is a great opportunity to empower other leaders within our organization or your team members to step up. Ask someone on your staff to be the Wellness Lead and help track progress, gather feedback and even assist in the recognition of employees that complete the programs. It can alleviate another “to-do” from your list and inspire others along the way! A win-win! 


So there you have it, four ways to create a deeper connection to the wellness programs you provide and ways to check in with your staff during the program. Doing these things will inspire your employees to take action and create a meaningful culture within the workplace. Have other ideas on how to empower your employees to be more connected? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

Written by: Katie Schroeder, COO of Night Out with “The Girls”