About Night Out With “The Girls”

With a Twist!

A Twist on Girls’ Night Out

Night Out with “The Girls” is a new twist on the old-fashioned girls’ night out. What makes these get togethers different (truly, the icing on the cake) is that a healthcare provider and a breast cancer survivor join in on the fun!

Night Out with “The Girls” meets women right where they tend to be most comfortable–with their girlfriends, having fun, in a relaxed environment…where awkward questions (the ones that we all want to ask) are embraced, encouraged and celebrated!

The focus is to provide education/awareness in a fun, relaxed, informal setting where early breast cancer detection is tackled in a manner that exudes: Comfort. Connection. Conversation. It allows women to get much-needed time with their girlfriends AND learn potentially life-saving tools and information…all at the SAME TIME!

Night Out with “The Girls” can happen at any time of day. Yes, early breast cancer education does not just need to happen at night. Remember, it is about bringing women together in an environment that is fun, relaxing and low-key (no paper gowns)!

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How It Works

  • It is super easy! Decide when you want to learn all about early breast cancer detection (hint: don’t put it off).
  • You can fly solo, gather a few of your girls to learn about “the girls” or host a private event… it’s completely up to you.
  • Don’t forget to register! (hint: click here!)
  • Once you are at the event, we are going to have a blast and learn about early breast cancer detection… all at the same time!
  • Both a breast cancer survivor and a healthcare provider (physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, nurse, etc.) will be ready to have some fun with you and your friends AND answer all the nitty gritty questions everyone has about early breast cancer detection, how the heck to do a breast self-exams, the experience of living with breast cancer and any other burning questions out there!
  • The healthcare provider and breast cancer survivor will demonstrate how to feel for abnormalities on breast models. You will then get to feel for them yourself to gauge what is normal and what may not seem quite right.
  • You will leave empowered and educated to take your health into your own hands! You will experience why it is so important to have fun while learning about early breast cancer detection.
  • If you do choose to bring a few of your most fave gals (friends, family, colleagues, neighbors), they will love you for encouraging them to attend a Night Out with “The Girls” event, as it will be clear just how much you care about them, their health and their well-being!

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