About Night Out With “The Girls”

Why early detection matters

She found a lump and followed-up.

Jessica, our founder, knows first-hand what is like to find a lump, contact a healthcare provider, go through tests/screenings and wait for results. She also knows the fears, anxiety and concerns associated with the unexpected question so many women face, “could I have breast cancer?”

Like so many women, Jessica was given the dreaded breast cancer diagnosis. However, when she was told, “you caught it early,” that statement was a game-changer in how she viewed her new reality. She had a new sense of hope, strength and confidence to fight, and conquer the disease.

The reality is early breast cancer detection only works when action is taken.

Jessica started Night Out with “The Girls” to educate women about the importance of early breast cancer detection and inspire them to move from awareness to action. Night Out with “The Girls” equips women with the need-to-know tools, information and knowledge so they are prepared to take action immediately if/when something does not seem quite right with their breasts.

Jessica recognizes that “taking action” is sometimes easier said than done. Night Out with “The Girls” programs are intentionally designed to help replace fears, anxiety and concerns often associated with early breast cancer detection with empowerment, encouragement and excitement.

About Night Out with "The Girls"

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“They made it educational while not being uncomfortable or boring. It was a fun and comfortable environment to talk about something not so fun and comfortable.”
US Bank Participant

Comfort, Connection, Conversation

Night Out with “The Girls” is disruptive, unique and FUN approach to learning about early breast cancer detection and overall breast health. Our program helps women navigate through the complexities of early breast cancer detection in a manner that exudes comfort, connection and conversation and leaves women inspired and ready to take action if/when it is necessary.

In an effort to educate every woman in the United States about the importance of early breast cancer detection, Night Out with “The Girls” is partnering with employers that understand the dire need to educate their employees about how to be more breast health aware and the importance of following up with a healthcare provider with any concerns. We bring our program to companies that value wellness and recognize that their employees are the lifeblood of their organizations.

These three words are the pillars of the NOWTG experience. Yes, even virtually, participants will feel comfortable talking about breast health, connect to their coworkers in a unique, memorable way, and participate in real (much-needed) conversation about an incredibly important topic.

Together We Are Strong

Did you know that breast cancer is the #1 cancer claim for insurance? Did you know that 1 out of 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime?

These are statistics we cannot change, but TOGETHER, we can help women become educated to take preventative steps to catch breast cancer early. Not only does this increase the options for treatment and increase the survival rate, but it can save tremendous amounts of money and time off of work.

Does your company have what it takes to take action?

Learn How To Bring NOWTG To Your Organization

“Learning and being able to ask questions in a judgement free zone. Just because you feel something odd, it doesn’t mean that it’s cancer so don’t jump to conclusions but DO make an appointment to get it looked at.”
Yum! Brands participant

Together WE are strong




How It Works

How It Works

  • If you are an employer – Click here to contact us so we can share with you all of the details about our wellness program.
  • If you are an employee – share this link with your employer and urge them to take action!
  • You are not only going to learn about early breast cancer detection from the comfort of your home or workspace, but you are going to have fun!
  • We have created a virtual experience unlike any other virtual event you’ve attended. This is not a webinar, a recorded series or a simple PowerPoint presentation.
  • The event encourages you to share your voice, ask your questions and leave inspired to take action and share what you’ve learned.
  • The event is facilitated by members of our Corporate Events Team. Each event includes one of our NOWTG trained healthcare providers, breast cancer survivors and an emcee.
  • You will learn how to understand your “normal” when it comes to your “girls”, best practices for performing breast self-exams, symptoms to look for so you can detect breast cancer early, how to feel comfortable talking to your healthcare provider and more!
  • We have consulted with experts in education and psychology to curate activities to help you feel empowered to take your health into your own hands (literally and figuratively).


Thank you to our sponsor!

At every event, we use educational breast models to help women learn about early breast cancer detection. The breast models are one of the most critical learning elements of our events. The models have 3 breast abnormalities and our participants can learn what they feel like and become educated on taking action for themselves if
something doesn’t feel quite right.

Hays Companies is our generous sponsor that has provided our breast models for 2020.

Hays Companies

Creative. Data-driven. Strategic. Hays Companies transforms risk management through modern technology and industry expertise. You don’t get ahead by following. At Hays, we’ve been charting our own course for over 25 years. Ours is a culture that values and rewards innovative and independent thinking.

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