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1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. In Colorado, where we are based, that statistic is 1 out of 7. That is a B.D.D. (a big darn deal)!

With the statistics being so high, we know it is likely that some of your female employees or members will hear the words “you have breast cancer” in their lifetime. That is why we are here! We know that the best words to hear after the devastation of “you have breast cancer” is… “good news, you caught it EARLY!”

What is Night Out with “The Girls”?

Night Out with “The Girls” is a company that specializes in providing fun, engaging and educational events around early breast cancer detection. We want women to feel empowered to take action and to take their health into their own hands. Our events include: engaging activities, tips/tools and easy to understand information about how to be breast health aware. In addition, a healthcare provider and a breast cancer survivor also participate, so women can ask whatever questions they have about early detection in an environment that exudes comfort, connection and conversation.

What is the Impact on Corporations, Small Businesses and Organizations?

So what does that mean for you as a small business owner, C-Level executive of a company or leader of a membership organization? It means that you have the power and the opportunity to educate your female employees and members about how to practice breast self-care. That way, when women are diagnosed with breast cancer, the hope is that they caught it early. This ultimately reduces their costs (and yours). Most importantly, by bringing a Night Out with “The Girls” event to your corporation/organization, you are actively demonstrating that you truly care about your female employees/members, their overall health and well-being.

How does Night Out with “The Girls” Work?

We bring our events directly to your employees or members (virtually or in-person) so they can experience what it is like to learn about early breast cancer detection and overall breast health while having FUN!

Yes, it can happen! Becoming educated about breast health does not have to be a sterile, clinical experience for women…and they don’t have to be wearing that dreaded paper gown! Participants come to our events with questions, concerns and fears about how to be breast health aware. They leave our events more informed, empowered and excited about early breast cancer detection.

Whether attending virtually or in-person, during the work day or after hours, your employees will leave feeling inspired to take action towards better breast health!

Night Out with “The Girls” is an educational program and is never to replace a visit with a healthcare provider. Events do not include screenings, diagnoses, etc. For more information, click here!


Thank you to our sponsor!

At every in-person event, we use educational breast models to help women learn about early breast cancer detection. The breast models are one of the most critical learning elements of our events. The models have 3 breast abnormalities and our participants can learn what they feel like and become educated on taking action for themselves if
something doesn’t feel quite right.

Hays Companies is our generous sponsor that has provided our breast models for 2020.

Hays Companies

Creative. Data-driven. Strategic. Hays Companies transforms risk management through modern technology and industry expertise. You don’t get ahead by following. At Hays, we’ve been charting our own course for over 25 years. Ours is a culture that values and rewards innovative and independent thinking.

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