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1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. In Colorado, where we are based, that statistic is 1 out of 7. That is a B.D.D. (a big darn deal)!

With the statistics being so high, we know it is likely that some of your female employees or members will hear the words “you have breast cancer” in their lifetime. That is why we are here! We know that the best words to hear after the devastation of “you have breast cancer” is… “good news, you caught it EARLY!”

Night Out with "The Girls" Virtual Experience

What is Night Out with “The Girls”?

Night Out with “The Girls” is a virtual corporate wellness company that specializes in providing fun, engaging and educational events around early breast cancer detection. We want women to feel empowered to take action and to take their health into their own hands. Our events include: engaging activities, tips/tools and easy to understand information about how to be breast health aware. In addition, a healthcare provider and a breast cancer survivor also participate, so women can ask whatever questions they have about early detection in an environment that exudes comfort, connection and conversation.

The Impact

  • The average cost difference of detecting breast cancer in early stages (0 to 1) vs. later stages (2 to 4) is over $68,000*
  • When employees detect breast cancer early: 
    • Cost to the employer’s health insurance program would likely be less 
    • Employees may only have to take minimal time off work for surgeries, recovery and treatment; all of which affects productivity and engagement  
  • Increased employee morale, as 100% of surveyed NOWTG participants answered that they feel more valued as an employee after participating in a NOWTG event** 
  • 4.8 out of 5 is the overall rated response of the NOWTG experience
*A compilation of all surveyed participants in 2020
**American Health and Drug Benefits (Feb 2016)
Together WE are strong
“My company hosted A Night Out with “The Girls” and it was true to its offer of being non-judgmental, informative and fun – even done virtually. It’s a personal, interactive way to ensure your employees are considering their health on a monthly basis and I would recommend it to anyone considering hosting a session.”
Chelsea L.

Taco Bell Corp.

What To Expect from Night Out With "the Girls"
“Thank you for making such a scary topic a fun experience! I attended the class in honor of my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and now my sister who was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. I need to be aware of the symptoms and I appreciate all the information and support.”
Martha S.

U.S. Bank

What to Expect

  • We have streamlined the onboarding process to make scheduling and communicating your event easy, simple and stress-free
  • An initial discovery call gives the NOWTG team the opportunity to understand your why you want to offer this wellness initiative to your employees, as well as any other goals you may have 
  • We provide you with simple communication suggestions that encourage and excite employees to participate in the event 
  • No matter the size of your company, we have options to ensure the event can be offered to all employees, which prevents having to select who receives this important education 
  • From a “starter event” to monthly event options, we have you covered 
  • Onboarding is easy! We have a simple invoicing and contract signing process
  • We have professionally-designed email templates and images, that you can incorporate into your own internal communication channels, that will help promote the event throughout your company 
  • We provide an event registration link that can be shared with employees. Once they register, we take it from there by emailing brief, yet informative, event details and reminders (NOWTG will never use participants’ email addresses outside of event communication) 
  • Learn more about what the participants will experience here


Thank you to our sponsor!

At every in-person event, we use educational breast models to help women learn about early breast cancer detection. The breast models are one of the most critical learning elements of our events. The models have 3 breast abnormalities and our participants can learn what they feel like and become educated on taking action for themselves if
something doesn’t feel quite right.

Hays Companies is our generous sponsor that has provided our breast models for 2020.

Hays Companies

Creative. Data-driven. Strategic. Hays Companies transforms risk management through modern technology and industry expertise. You don’t get ahead by following. At Hays, we’ve been charting our own course for over 25 years. Ours is a culture that values and rewards innovative and independent thinking.

Learn more about Hays Companies

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