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Night Out with “The Girls” (NOWTG) approaches women’s “breast health” in a whole new way! It is educational, fun, comfortable, and involves your girlfriends!

If you have questions, this is a great starting place. If your question is not answered here, just ping us and we will be more than happy to give you the scoop on NOWTG, how it works, why it works and anything else that comes to mind!

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FAQs for Employers

How do we get started?

We set up virtual events to be simple and easy for you. You decide on the dates and times and we do the rest! We send you a registration link to share with your employees, along with an email template. Once the employee registers, we take it from there! We handle all of the communication, event reminders, calendar invites etc.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds. However, depending on the circumstance, we may offer to apply payment to another event date.

How many employees can attend the event?

We serve all sizes of companies from small businesses with fifty employees to Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees. We have different event package offerings that allow you to schedule a series of events that will serve your employee base. We never want you to have to “choose” what employees get access to the information and education.

What companies have you served?

We have served small businesses and Fortune 500 companies across the country. Some of our clients include: U.S. Bank, Yum! Brands, BOA Technologies, Fab’rik, Storck Realty and BryterCX.

What is the liability for sharing health information with our employees?

We require each participant to sign a participant waiver prior to the event. They accept responsibility for the information they receive as well as sign a media release form. You can view the waiver here:

Can men attend the event?

Yes. However, our content is created to speak directly to those that identify as female. Men do get breast cancer (1 in 1000) and we know that there are men that would like the education we offer. They are welcome to attend as long as they respect the safe space we create for our participants to be vulnerable and ask sensitive questions about breast health.

Who should participate in the event?

This event is beneficial for someone:

  • That is interested in overall health and wellness
  • That wants to become more educated about early breast cancer detection and overall breast health
  • That wants to learn the information to be able to pass it along to a loved one
  • Who has been directly affected by breast cancer whether personally or a family member/loved one
  • Who survived breast cancer

What is a “Starter Event?”

A “Starter Event” is what we recommend companies to do when they are curious about a NOWTG event but are cautious to schedule multiple events right out of the gate. We encourage you to invite team leaders, managers, and division executives from different departments across the organization. This way, the leaders can experience a NOWTG event and then decide:

  • How NOWTG can fit into a current wellness initiative, or provide the opportunity to introduce wellness to the workforce/company culture.
  • Whether to offer multiple NOWTG events so everyone in the company has an opportunity to attend, no matter position, location and/or department.
  • The best way to offer and promote NOWTG events to individual teams, divisions, locations, etc.

FAQs for Participants

Do I need to share my video?

Our event is meant to be interactive and we would like every participant to feel comfortable sharing their video and audio so you can participate fully. However, it is not a requirement to share your video if you are not comfortable.

What do I need to prepare?

We will email you a few documents prior to the event, as well as a small list of supplies (things you can find around your home), for one of our activities. Other than that, please come as you are! Whether you are joining from home or your office, have kiddos running around or dogs barking at the mailman, we have created a comfortable environment for you.

What if I can’t attend the event?

We work closely with your company’s decision makers to secure multiple event dates so you can join whatever event works best for your schedule. If we only have one event booked with your company and you can’t attend, we recommend you let your company know you would like another event option.

Have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us today!