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Night Out with “The Girls” (NOWTG) approaches women’s “breast health” in a whole new way! It is educational, fun, comfortable, and involves your girlfriends!

If you have questions, this is a great starting place. If your question is not answered here, just ping us and we will be more than happy to give you the scoop on NOWTG, how it works, why it works and anything else that comes to mind!

Can you do a NOWTG event virtually?
Absolutely! Our events are designed to fit the needs of your workplace whether your employees are remote, in-house or a combination of the two. We offer our events virtually via Zoom video conferencing or in-person at your location.
Do we actually do breast self-exams at NOWTG events?
No, you do not actually do breast self-exams during NOWTG events. Rather, you learn super valuable (sometimes surprising tips) on HOW to do breast self-exams, as well as other things you should know about early breast cancer detection. You will have the opportunity to feel breast models that have lumps and other abnormalities in them so you can get idea of what a lump “could” feel like.

Thanks to our generous sponsor, Hays Companies, you are able to utilize the breast models that each of our live events!

Are there refunds?
Sorry, we do not do refunds at this point.
Can NOWTG replace an appointment with my healthcare provider?
The short answer is never. NOWTG should never, ever replace a visit to healthcare provider. It is important to remember that information provided at all of our events is for informational and educational purposes only. The events are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment that can be provided by your own physician or other licensed/registered physical or mental healthcare provider.
What type of credentials do participating clinicians have?
All participating clinicians are physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners or physician assistants.
Can men participate?
Men cannot participate, currently. It is important for women to feel incredibly comfortable asking any question and/or chatting about breast health and the reality is that men participants could make those conversations not-so-comfortable. However, we know that breast cancer impacts men as well…and it is important not to forget that.
How do I get involved (as a participant, clinician, corporate sponsor, etc.)?
We would love to chat with you more about your involvement in NOWTG. Please complete this form and we will be in touch.
How many women can participate in NOWTG events?
The ideal number of participants is between 10 and 20. We really try and cap it at 20 to ensure that we are maintaining a comfy, cozy, intimate environment. The good news is, you can organize as many NOWTG events as you would like. For example, maybe you do one for your family, another for your neighbors another for your work colleagues… the possibilities are endless!
Can businesses and corporations participate in NOWTG?
We would love to chat with you about offering NOWTG to your business or corporation. Please complete this form and we will be in touch.
Can I do a NOWTG event without being a business?
Yes! We have a program for individuals called Beyond the Bra Facilitator Program. Visit for more information.

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