Cheers to you for deciding to take care of your “girls”!

It is our mission to create a fun, comforting and engaging way to learn about taking care of your “girls”. We have a few different options to participate with Night Out with “The Girls”.

Employers or Groups

Bring our signature Night Out with “The Girls” event to your employees to shake up how they think and learn about early breast cancer detection.

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Imperfect Pairings

The big she-bang! We combine a NOWTG event with a big experience such as concerts, sporting events, Broadway shows, etc.

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Imperfect Pairings

An intimate gathering of 20 women that want to have a little adventure paired with a Night Out with “The Girls” event.

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Feel Empowered and Inspired!

No matter which way you choose to participate with Night Out with “The Girls”, you will leave empowered and inspired to take your health into your own hands! Here’s a little more about what you can expect:

All Questions Welcome

There is no such thing as a stupid question! We welcome every attendee to share their thoughts, questions and concerns about breast health throughout the event.

How To’s of Breast Self-Exams

You will be educated on how to effectively perform a breast self-exam. Don’t worry (we have breast models to practice on).


Each attendee will leave with a self-declared commitment to take the learning you receive and turn it into action!