Gather the Girls to Learn about “The Girls”

Add A Twist To Special Events!

This type of event is perfect for your group of girlfriends, neighbors and/or family members. Add a new twist to the traditional book clubs, birthday parties, girls’ night out and/or mommy get-togethers and host your own special Night Out with “The Girls”. Don’t forget, Night Out with “The Girls” events are also a super fun, and creative way to celebrate those special occasions in your life.

Who says you can’t combine early breast cancer detection with birthdays, Mother’s Day, New Year’s celebrations, breast cancer awareness month (October), Christmas, Hanukkah (or any other holiday traditions in your life), Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.? Night Out with “The Girls” events are a perfect way to shake up those traditions.

Remember, this is the perfect opportunity to give your closest gal pals the gift of being empowered, educated, informed and knowledgeable when it comes to taking care of their “girls”. It is a win-win-win! Everyone (including you) will get some much-need girlfriend time, have a ton of fun AND will walk away with nuggets of information that could be life-saving!

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